Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey Beach SportsFest


The Monterey Beach SportsFest’s mission is to promote and provide an atmosphere of health, wellness, and fitness on the shores of the Monterey Bay. Our goal is to bring the community out to the beach, to engage in physical activity, learn about personal and ocean health, and to connect with the Monterey Bay.

The Big Idea

Our purpose is to provide at -risk and under-served youth an opportunity to engage in a meaningful event that positively impacts their lives.

This Fall 2017, we are very optimistic about the opportunities ahead and plan to expand upon our past efforts by bringing 300 children from Salinas, Marina, and Seaside. At some point, we hope to provide a day on the beach and an overnight stay at the Monterey Bay Aquarium which would include transportation, accommodations, and meals. The event will be an introduction to our theme of “Healthy People, Healthy Oceans” through our children’s expo which includes hands on educational opportunities, fitness activities and group interactions. Our collegiate volunteer mentors will accompany groups of students and families to various event stations throughout the day while serving as positive role models.

Hi Terri,

We’d love to join you in September and thanks for thinking of us!
1. The events we’re age appropriate and high interest
2. The CSUMB chaperones were all great and made it easy to manage all our kids
3. The food and transportation provided made logistics on our end easier to organize

As for making the experience better, there really isn’t anything. Hope to hear from you soon!

— Lorenzo Barranco, Salinas